Thursday, May 29, 2014

How to Kill Yourself In A Kayak - Article

How to Kill Yourself In A Kayak


This article was very interesting and informative. It describes the dangers of kayaking based on the fatal experiences of individuals. It's a long article in which he shares personal stories and several article summaries. Each section describes different dangers: “kayaking can be fun if you avoid death” describes the dangers of submerged logs and boulders that can trap a kayaker in fast running water. The sections on storms describes the dangers of setting out when the winds can change quickly and cause waves to overturn your boat. Kayaking at night without lights describes the risk of being hit by a motorized boat. The article also provides a cold water survivability chart to explain how long before you fall unconscious and before you die of hypothermia. There are several other ways described in the article on how do kill yourself in a kayak through negligence such as being sucked out to sea, eaten by a crocodile and more.

This article has showed me how dangerous kayaking can be if you don’t fully understand current and exactly what you are doing. I enjoyed the article because it was very informative. The other great thing about this article is the humour that it contains. The article ends with a good summary of how to kill yourself kayaking. The last item, after not wearing a life jacket and drinking alcohol, is to poke a hole in the boat and remain seated until you drown. Personally, I will avoid all of the listed items and will definitely be careful if I ever go kayaking.

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