Monday, June 2, 2014

                                                                           Article 2                                                     date:June 2nd 2014
Gadd’s Truth: Don’t Call it Fun

A lot of people describe outdoor sports as fun or enjoyable, but from the experiences and history the William Gadd has had, he gives his perspective on why he wouldn’t call it just fun.

In this article Gadd talks about one of his best friends Alex Lowe who sadly died along with another good friend of Gadds , David Bridges, while trying to ski an 8,000-metre Himalayan peak, Shishapangma. The article talks about  how Lowe was one of the best climbers that Gadd had ever seen and how he would be incredible at any outdoor sport he tried (climbing,skiing), but it highlights one quote that Alex Lowe made “The best climber in the world is the one whos having the most fun”.  Gadd in his article talks about this quote a lot and wonder why Lowe called outdoor sports fun, like he says they are enjoyable but they do them to get the thrill of danger pumping through them , and to let that create their personality and their outlook on nature around them. He says that when someone asks them why they camped out in -40 with no RV for a week and  their response is that its fun, its not really what he means, his theory is that they say that just to make it sound socially accepted but what he is really trying to say is that it builds character and it has the challenge aspect to it with some danger mixed into it, because im pretty sure camping out in -40 is on one of the lowest ends of fun

This article gave me a better look at outdoor sports and made me think more about them and how not just to consider it fun.

author:William Gadd
posted : May 27th 2014

-Jake Daigle

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