Monday, June 2, 2014

Article 3
Poisonous Plants and Antidotes

This article is pretty much just a tips and tricks guide on how to help get rid of the effects of Poison Ivy , Poison Oak ,and Poison Sumac, the three most well known contacts of poisonous plants. In the article it give you well descripted symptoms to watch out for if you think you’ve come into contact with any of the three poisonous plants, it also gives you the plants needed to make self made antidotes when you’re in the middle of a trip in the forest and cant get to a hospital. It also explains how the antidote would work with the certain plants you have to mash together  to create it.

This article helped me learn on how to treat areas that have come into contact with  poison plants.

Authour : N/A
Posted: May 29th 2014

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