Monday, June 2, 2014

Canoe Camping Tips

by: Mark Scriver  

This quick article gives four, light, all around tips for the beginner canoe camper, or someone who has never planned a trip before.
The main points were to know your objectives for the trip, so you have an idea what you hope to achieve and also to not pile on too many objectives so you have time to enjoy yourself. That if you're beginning a basic dogleg route wouldn't be a bad idea and the pick-up and drop off would be simple to coordinate, not to mention the shoreline always looks a bit different going the other way. Thirdly the length of the trip is always something to consider, a weekend or overnight trip is a good start point. Not too long and not too short so you can still enjoy it and get your feet wet for potential longer trips. And lastly the distance and pace. For a beginner it may be harder if the distance pace and portaging is too much for them, and tire them out and sour their taste for canoe camping. With these tips in mind your trip of sure to be great.
I recommend this article for anyone planning a trip be it two or seven days. These simple, well explained tips can put in perspective what makes a great canoe trip beside the obvious food and gear factors. I enjoyed this article because it was found while planning my summative trip and I took these tips in to consideration, I also know that if planning future trips they will come in handy as well.

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