Sunday, June 15, 2014

Hiking Dude- Outdoor Resource

Hiking Dude

This resource everything you need to know about hiking and goes into great detail. Basically any questions or concerns you could possible have about hiking is dependable on this website for example, gear, food, skills/tips, safety, weather, bothers (animals, bugs, blisters etc..) and much more to name a few!

It also has a complete list of necessary supplies and adequate gear you need depending on the level or terrain of hike. Along with this there is a menu planner which allows you to choose between a small variety of foods they provide in a list and allows for you to customize your menu as well as having the enough and easy to prepare foods.

Though this resource is limited to solely on hiking I believe many of the aspects described throughout can be used for a number of other outings. I recommend anyone to take a look at this site especially before heading out into the wilderness.

Paul. "Hiking the Long Trails." Hiking Dude.Web. 14 June 2014.

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