Monday, June 16, 2014

“Key West: Snorkeling Trips”

I decided to find an article that I might actually put to use, one that’s both fun and accessible to me. I went looking on trip advisor under exploring the sunny destinations and came across this article about snorkeling in Florida. The main section of this article describes several main companies that offer trips of different lengths and sizes that include a relaxing day on a boat and snorkeling in the coral reefs of key west. From beginner swimmers who are near broke, to scuba-diving-billionaires, this article informs travellers about which companies to best fit the day of adventure that the tourist seeks. For example, someone with a tight time frame looking for a large catamaran boat should look into renting through Clearly Unique Charters, as they offer boats to be rented that fit up to 22 people and catamarans that travel substantially faster than sailboats. Students should consider companies like SkipJack and Sebago Island T’ing  as they are more affordable for young travellers and offer a larger risk factor within the activities list that is offered..The list companies goes on and on and is very helpful for adventurous travellers who will be visiting Key West in the near future.

I’ve heard great things about Florida before, but this article has really inspired me to look into travelling there after reading this. While reading, I was leaning that there was much more to Florida than Disneyland and Universal Studios, two places that don't interest me very much. I’ve done snorkeling before and it’s the type of adventure that I enjoy while traveling. It’s a heart racing experience that allows you to see places you’ve never seen, and would never be able to see without taking that daring step towards activities like this one.

“Key West: Snorkeling Trips byTripadvisor:Canada - June 12th, 2014

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