Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Lightweight Backpacking Tips

Lightweight Backpacking Tips – Kevin Callan

Rating: ****

This article is loaded with plenty of great information that many hikers and campers will be able to use with every trip they embark on.

This article speaks about plenty of different camping tips for those who like going on different camping and hiking trips. It includes information about what to pack and what things to watch for when packing and in the end will be able to help plenty of people save energy and have more fun when camping.

When coming up with a list of things to take when camping I will definitely refer back to this article in order to save space and weight so that I will have an easier time on my trip.

Callan. Kevin. “Lightweight Backpacking Tips” The Happy Camper. <http://www.explore-mag.com/The_Happy_Camper_Lightweight_Backpacking_Tips> May 26, 2014

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