Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Minnesota Teen Suffers Head Wounds from Wolf Attack

                       Minnesota Teen Suffers Head Wounds from Wolf Attack 
                                                Mackenzie Burns 

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       Sixteen year old Noah Graham was tent camping with friends in Minnesota when he was attacked by a 75 pound wolf. The wolf bit the back of Noah's head when it attacked. He was able to fight it off to get it to let go of his head. Noah says that the attack was completely unprovoked. He was just having a conversation when the wolf attacked him. 

   A DNR officer killed the wolf that they thought did the attack. The used DNA results to figure out if it was the same wolf. The wolf that was killed by the officer had a jaw deformity which leads them to believe that the wolf would have been looking for food because in the wild it would be unable to properly kill prey due to the deformity in its mouth. 

    This article lead me to ask the question "Where were they keeping their food?". In our outdoor ed classes over the past few years we have been told to hang out food barrels in trees when tent camping because we do not want animals coming to camp looking for food. If this group of teenagers had their food in their tents this could have been the reason the wolfs nose lead him to wander on to their campsite. 

   Realizing that the animals do really come looking for food would make me more cautious on my next tent camping trip to keep the food at a good distance away and hanging in a tree. 

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