Monday, June 2, 2014

“Never Forget the Spare Batteries”

By: David Forest

***** Very useful

On a snowy fall day, David and his friend Len were out hunting. After planning a meeting place 2 miles from the barricade where they left their car, Len and David split separate ways. David didn’t bring acompass or a map with him since he was carrying a GPS that would guide him back to the meeting spot. David was on his way back to the meeting spot when his GPS all of the sudden went blank. He tried turning it on 7 times but then notice the batteries were dead. Thankfully, he knew the area well enough to find the nearest highway.

This article made me think about how important it is to make sure you’re fully prepared for anything situation while in the outdoors. David’s mistake of not bringing a compass, map or extra batteries for the GPS could’ve costed him his life if he had been in an area he didn’t know so well. I now know that even if I’m carrying a GPS with me I should always have a compass and map for a backup. Also this teaches me that even if I have a map or a GPS I should always have general knowledge to wear I am.

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