Sunday, June 1, 2014

New ODE Resource: Recreational Equipment Inc.(REI)



With multiple different components on their websites, REI seems to be a great source of help. I believe REI has a lot to offer our Outdoor Ed class.
The REI websites shows that they have a lot to offer. they have a section for learning, among with a place where you can purchase their products, or become a member. Although they are an American company they are able to ship things to Canada, and any purchase over $50 includes free shipping. REI offers stewardship, a membership, learning, and different travel opportunities, if travelling is what you desire. REI gives people different opportunities and complete encouragement for travel, and being outdoors.
I think REI will help our Outdoor Ed class because of the positivity, opportunities, and the merchandise that they offer. The merchandise that they offer varies all the way from dog gear, to sunglasses and watches. REI also has classes and lessons, they even  have an outdoor school. which they will provide transportation, gear and professional instruction. They have advice videos and tips, to help us as learners improve our skills and abilities when it comes to being in the wilderness. I think this website will help us in many ways. while some people may need more help with understand a technique, others may be interested in the travel or the classes they have to offer.


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