Saturday, June 7, 2014

Outdoor Resource - Discover Canadian Outdoors

Rating: ***

This is a useful site if you ever want to gain knowledge on almost any outdoor activity that could be done in Canada.

While this site doesn't provide articles from writers and outdoors experts, it is filled with info on basically every outdoor sport known. By clicking on the sport you are interested in, let's say canoeing, you are opened to a page talking about the origin of canoeing in Canada, how it has progressed and developed into what it is today. It will give basic info about the sport, and will also suggest some nice places in Canada to go canoeing. You are able to find this info from sports like cycling to skydiving, as well as important outdoor activities, like camping.

This article is very helpful if you wish to learn about anything you wish to do in the outdoors. You can gain knowledge on the history, competitions, and locations in which you would participate in the given event. While most of the info they give is very helpful, some of it could be left out, as it doesn't hold much relevance to outdoors today. I also wish they had a section where outdoors experts could post and share their stories, as well as add to the info they already give you. However this site is still worth a visit, as you can gain knowledge about a variety of outdoor activities.

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