Sunday, June 1, 2014

Paradise on Ice

Author: Rob Stimpson

Rating: ***

            Areas often considered frozen wastes tend to be immediately written-off for their potential of beauty and adventure by many, not realizing that it carries opportunities for both of these things in abundance.  Rob Stimpson; however, realizes that the harsh ice atmosphere is really a “Paradise on Ice”.  So he has gone on a number of excursions to Antarctica to express his award-winning photographic genius through truly beautiful sites.

            Rob is big on outdoor adventure, but his primary past-time that he does through his adventures is photography.  In this article he talks in short about a place in the Antarctic called Paradise Harbour.  He elaborates on the beauty of such a place through means of a number of photos and turns the article into a sort of photography lesson on capturing landscapes.  The pictures that he shows are stunning, and that’s what he goes for.  He tries to make his pictures capture the astounding exterior that witnesses with his own eyes, but that isn’t a simple task.  He goes into detail about the proper lenses to use depending on what is intended to be captured and the importance of cropping and editing a picture to truly express a sense of shock in those observing the picture, giving them the same feeling they would receive having seen the real thing.

            While this article was short and not too in-depth, it was still quite interesting.  Having become quite interested in photography and photojournalism myself, the pointers that Rob provides are a great insight into what I should look for with my own pictures.  Not just that but where I should invest money into certain lenses and etc. to be able to catch that truly breathtaking image that all photographers look for.  Hopefully with knowledge like this and other similar things, I can use my newfound appreciation of photography and relate it in some way to what I end up doing.  It will be a challenge without a doubt, but articles like this only make me think more and more of routes I could pursue to expand my knowledge and amount to something in a career world that I love and respect.

Stimpson, R. Paradise on Ice. September 13, 2011. Canadian Geographic Travel Club: Out There: Blogs From the Great Outdoors. Recovered from: on June 1, 2014.

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