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Getting Started Geocaching


Getting Started Geocaching

By: Dave Wilkes

It’s Really Quite Simple and Doesn’t Require Must Equipment or Cost Much Money


By 4 All Outdoors


Rating:              ****



Unlike other activities that require a significant amount of money to get started you can begin geocaching without having to invest in lessons or much equipment. 


This article, Getting Started Geocaching, explains that all you really need is a GPS, good footwear and a pen or pencil for signing cache logs and taking notes.  Even a good GPS is fairly inexpensive and this article mentions that you can even buy one that comes with dedicated geocaching features. It is also a good idea to take along basic items that you might bring along on a trail for example, insect repellant, water, snacks, first aid kit and a jacket, since some caches can be quite well hidden.  Be sure you are able to recognize poison ivy or stinging nettles as you will be digging in the ground. 


Before you begin, you will need to do a bit of research on one of the geocaching websites to identify the Latitude and Longitude of a cache in your area.  Then, simply go out and start searching.  It’s as easy as that.  The author explains that once you find your first treasure, you will certainly want to find more.  Once you starting locating caches, you will want to record your finds on the website so you will be able to keep track and let others know what you found and where.  It seems that the next natural step, after you find several treasures will be to hide some or your own caches for other to find.  That’s what keeps the adventure going and it is fun to know when your item has been recovered.


I was disappointed when I first read the article because it did not provide any information on what items are typically hidden and discovered.  However, this article did provide links to websites about geocaching and after I looked at a few, I found that most things hidden are small items such as Hot Wheel cars, Happy Meal toys, baseball cards, small stuffed animals, key chains, marbles, beads, etc. 


This article explains how easy it is to get started geocaching and after reading it, I am certainly interested.  It sounds like a great way to get outdoors, go walking and explore your surroundings and you will find something interesting in the process.  Another benefit is that this inexpensive activity can be done alone, with friends or can be a great family adventure as it is fun for young and old.


So get out there and start finding treasures in your own backyard. 




published by 4 All Outloors Copyright 2014

By Dave (the turtle) Wilkes

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