Monday, June 2, 2014

Should I or Should I Not Wear a Helmet While Bicycling?

Rating: ***

Nowadays this is a very large controversy between the daily bicycle rider. Often you see many people riding without any protection on their head.

Jenn explains that although it may not be the most fashionable item in your wardrobe, why it is very important to wear a helmet. She runs into many road cyclists and mountain cyclists who do not wear helmets and provide them with some knowledge so that in the future, hopefully they will think twice. She also goes on to explain that they protect the most vital organ in your body which is your brain.

Maybe this will make you think twice and realize really how important a helmet is. Before reading this article I always thought helmets to be a hassle but now I realize that it’s no big deal and no difference than wearing a hat. A person can still be injured if in an accident while wearing a helmet. But this could be the difference between life and death. Many brain related injuries are from cyclists who are not wearing helmets. This doesn’t simply mean wear any helmet that will serve no purpose but helmets with the locking retention that fit snugly, fit with or without a head-cover, and they feel secure. If you shake your head and the helmet moves, cinch it down a little bit more.
I highly recommend this article to everybody who uses a bicycle. It proves the reasons why you should wear a helmet and proves a point.

K., Jenn. "Should I or Should I Not Wear a Helmet While Bicycling?" 4 All Outdoors. Web. 02 June 2014.

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