Sunday, June 15, 2014

Sunday, June 15, 2014

Louie Schwartzberg: Nature. Beauty. Gratitude.


Nature. Beauty. Gratitude
By: Louie Schwartzberg

How to Enjoy Your Surroundings

Rating:  ****

In this “Ted Talk”, Louie Schwartzberg demonstrates, with the use of time-lapsed video, a variety of natural occurrences in nature and wishes to share his thoughts and creations with everyone.  He explains that beautiful things happen all around us and that we just have to open our eyes and look for them.  He showed a video that he made that explains to us how to find these beautiful occurrences.  For example, a child in the video tell us that instead of watching television, we should go outside and take a walk because you never know what you will find and what awaits for you to discover outdoors.  An older man in the video explains that you should live everyday like it’s your first and your last to make sure you live every day to its fullest.  The video tells you to open your eyes and see the simple things like the clouds and the weather because they will never be exactly the same again. 

This video, Nature. Beauty. Gratitude. has made me realize that I should go look around more for beautiful things and that I should not rely so much on man-made entertainment. I should explore the natural beauty of the outdoors and enjoy what it has to offer.  I should not take the small things for granted because they are what makes every day unique. 

Don’t stay inside and watch television all day.  Instead, go outside and see what nature has to offer you.


Filmed at TEDxSF.  Copyright November 2012

Spencer Knowles


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