Wednesday, June 11, 2014

The west coast trail in the pacific national park

The West Coast Trail: Backpacking in Pacific National Park reserve
Written by – Bradley Wipperman
In British Columbia, the West Coast Trail is a 77 kilometer trail of rainforest and deserted beaches, the water of the trail have been dubbed the “Graveyard of the pacific”, with more than 240shipwrecks.
The West Coast Trail In British Columbia Offers lots of challenges, Rugged by beauty and adventure.  Consider to be an extremely Challenging Trail, The 25, 640 hectare strip stretch southeast of Barkley sounds between port Renfrew and Bramfield.  The trail also passes through nations for 4000 years.  The Quu’as  west trail group are a native Indian tribe specifically pacheedaht, huu-ay-aht and ditidaht the first nations.  The trail takes about five to eight days to complete, and it’s a very wet area, so diverse gear is recommended.  
The article was interest it highlighted a couple of good opportunities for hiking trips in the wilderness. I personally think this trip sounds like one that people would really enjoy to go on, and it’s very  inspiring to reflect upon.
“The west Coast Trail” Brakley Wipperman, 2013. Web. 26 may 2014

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