Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Mike Ranta lives the dream with his cross-country canoe journey -Robert Sibley

**** (Very Good)

This article is about a 42 year old man named Mike, who is canoeing across Canada with his dog, Spitzii. Mike, who is a recently retired oil-rig worked, is travelling an astonishing 8,000km, from Vancouver to Cape Breton. Not only is this man doing this out of pure enjoyment, and love for canoeing, but he is hoping to raise 50,000$ by the end of his journey, which he will use to set up a youth initiative center. Mike has traveled many long distances before by canoe, but this one is expected to be longer than ever, possibly breaking a world record if completed on time. The man just recently made it to Ottawa, and hopes to make it to Cape Breton on his planned date of October 15th.

I really enjoyed this article, due to the fact that I could somewhat relate to it. After recently going on about a 24km canoe trip at Algonquin Park, and realizing how difficult it was, I can't imagine the endurance and motivation mike would have to have to canoe 8,000 kilometers, especially with only his dog to accompany him. Seeing as Mike explains that , "We have a beautiful country, you should see it", I figure that there really is no other way so see the beauty of a country, without exploring it.

Sibley, Robert. "Mike Ranta lives the dream with his cross-country canoe journey" Ottawa Citizen(2014): 1. September 24th, 2014 <htitp://>.



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