Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Bird Watching, our feathered friends in the backcountry

Rating: ***
With hiking and upcoming canoeing trips, I decided to read this article on wildlife and how to keep them safe from our intrusions. As we have covered in class, it’s nice to take advantage of the beautiful scenery, but it’s important to keep it in tact and minimize our impact.  
This article is about the author, Laurie’s explanation of bird watching and how fun and popular it is for hikers and anyone that does outdoors activities. It refers to the different wildlife you can come across, and also informs you on the dangers of not cleaning up after yourself. Other great tips are provided on what to bring for bird watching and the best times to go.
I learned that leaving food behind and not cleaning up after yourself in the wilderness can be crucial to the environment.  You can severely endanger an animal by leaving a wrapper for it to choke on or rotten food for it to get sick from or even die. This has made me think further about leaving the slightest things behind, and being extra careful around what kind of food I will bring on my next trip. This has inspired me to take a closer look at what nature has to offer and how delicate our wildlife is. 

March, Laurie. Bird Watching, our feathered friends in the backcountry” www.outdooradventurecanada.com/outdoor-activities.htm   2014.10.14
By: Felicity Chamberlain

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