Sunday, October 19, 2014

Camping with Mans Best Friend

Camping With Mans Best Friend
By: Pursue the Outdoors
Rating: ****

            This article talks about taking your dog on a hiking trip and how you should go about doing so or if you even should. It tells you how to get your dog ready if it is an urban/ city dog because their paws aren’t use to the terrain of camping and they are not use to the different soundings of camping. The article also points out all the rules and procedures you have to go through before bringing your dog on the trip like getting it vaccinated or checking if the camp ground allows dogs or if so, if there is a fee. The article also goes on to say the pros of bringing your dog on a hiking trip like getting the dog more fit, having the dog experience more nature and it is also a great way to bond with your dog

            I found this article interesting because I think it would be cool having a dog on a hiking trip especially if your alone it would give you a sense of safety. It is also a great article for getting ready for a camping trip where you’re bringing your dog because it tells you everything you will need to know. I recommend this article to anyone who likes camping trips and has a dog.

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