Sunday, November 23, 2014

By Jeff Meyers - Aidan Jones

RECREATION : U.S. Trails World in Orienteering

By Jeff Meyers

***Good Article

A thorough article that makes note of the history of Orienteering and some of the troubles it has had becoming recognized in North America.

While Orienteering is not only one of the most popular recreational and officialized activities in some areas of the world, it has a long and arduous past regarding how it got to that point. It was not always the booming sport it is recognized as now. It took some time for Orienteering to become so popular, before it was merely an exercise for growing minds.

I do enjoy Orienteering myself, so I could touch base with this article in some cases. It was interesting looking into some of the backstory of it. Although it seems it will always remain more popular in the European regions, I am glad to see it is gaining some track here in Canada and the USA. While some wish for it to be the biggest and most popular sport, I think it would be better if it remained a smaller activity. While it would be great to see more people taking part, I don’t want to see it overpopulated.

Overall, a well-written that makes you think about the past, present and future of Orienteering and I would recommend to any who also enjoy the sport.

Meyers, Jeff. "Ing RECREATION : U.S. Trails World in Orienteering." Los Angeles Times. 27 Apr. 1991. Web. 22 Nov. 2014. <>.

~Aidan Jones~

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