Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Day Hiking adventures Things to bring along on your adventure

By:Outdoor adventure Canada

Over all This was a very good article about day hiking.

This was a decent article in my opinion, the article talked about essentials to take when day hiking and how to dress when day hiking in the winter and shoulder seasons. When day hiking it is very important to be well prepared, witch means you should come with a plan lots of food to fuel you through your trip. You should also come with a map and a compass, a gps and a survival kit. You should come with a good set of hiking boots and clothes. You should have a Raincoat and a water bottle at the top of your pack so its ready at all times for when ever you need it.

IN my opinion this was a very good article that covered all of the essentials you should pack and know about for when you for day hiking., (2014). outdoor adventure canada - day hiking essentials. [online] Available at: [Accessed 24 Nov. 2014].

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