Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Destined to Save the Planet

By Senna Koggel
Rating: ***

Sebastian Copeland, of 47 years old turned his back on his Hollywood photography career to use his talents to become closer to nature and benefit the earth.

‘Destined to Save the Planet’ was an inspiring article in the point of view of Mr. Copeland. Throughout the article he shares about his passion towards the environment while telling us about his unique career choice.
Sebastian considers himself to be both environmentalist and photographer. His job includes exploring remote regions while capturing unique photographs.

While working, Sebastian loves learning about nature all while preserving it. The environment is one of his strong values, and he believes a lot of people are oblivious to how we are affecting it. Although I was somewhat aware, reading this taught me the importance of the environmental issues, as well as how we can prevent them from getting any worse.

I enjoyed this article because I was very interested in his story. It was interesting to read his view on life, since so many dream of the career he left behind in Hollywood.

I recommend this article to those who share an interest and/or passion for our environment. For more information you can visit

Levesque, Christian. Destined to Save the Planet. Adventura, (2011) p.6

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