Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Exclusive: Biker Describes Grizzly attack

This article is an exciting story about a man describing a grizzly bear attack, and how bear spray could have potentially saved his life. 

The article is about a young man named Etienne, a regular mountain biker, who often just bikes by himself. Late one evening as he was just finishing up a long day of biking, he was suddenly, out of nowhere, attacked by a grizzly bear that had emerged from the bushes. He was knocked off his bike as the bear started clawing at him. Preparing for several potentially life threatening hits from the bear, Etienne tried to get behind a tree and cover his head. To his amazement, the bear suddenly hurried away into the forest, and didn't even look back. After a couple minutes, Etienne began feeling a burning sensation all over his body, and realized that the bear had bitten into the bear spray on the back of his bag, and the continents were now leaking onto him, burning his skin. He quickly called for help, and was saved, despite having burns on his body and deep scratch wounds from the bear. 

I really enjoyed this article, and it taught me that I should always be prepared when travelling by myself. Since Etienne had told some friends his travel route before hand, he was able to be located easily and this could have played a major role on why he was saved. Also, although his bear spray could have killed him, it also saved his life, since it sprayed into the bears mouth when he bit into it. 

I recommend this article to anyone who enjoys an exciting read. 

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