Monday, November 24, 2014

How to Put Together the Ultimate Survival Kit


How to put together the ultimate survival kit was a great, well written article full of useful information.

 In this article, the author talks about the three tier system for survival kits. The way this system works is that each tier represents a different kit; tier one is a kit that you keep on you at all times, tier two is a kit that is easily accessible in a location such as a car and tier three is a kit that is left at your home. What the author recommends you pt in each of these kits varies depending on what tier it belongs to. or example, in your tier two survival kit you might include something like a tarp for a form of shelter where as for your tier three survival kit you would include a sleeping bag since you have more space. He explains what situation to use which kit in and also what to include in each kit as well as the purpose that item serves.

  In my opinion, this article was extremely informative and interesting, I never thought of creating survival kits in a tiered system such as the one explained in the article but now that I understand the system, I can see it's usefulness. I liked how the author wrote down every item you should include in each kit as well as a description of how it would be useful in a survival situation. How to put together the ultimate survival kit is a great article and one that any outdoor enthusiast should take time to read.


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