Friday, December 19, 2014

Get Hooked On Nature- TED Talk

Get Hooked On Nature- TED Talk
Author: Ben Klasky
Rating: *****

This TED Talk is about a man who truly believes that kids should spend more time outside instead of staying inside and playing video games.

Ben Klasky, CEO and president of Island Wood, speaks about how going outside and enjoying the outdoors can actually improve your body, state of mind, and improve your health. When you go outside you are active and you're learning all new things, also it isn't as "safe" as your house is so you're in an environment that you're not use to. When you're in an unusual enviornment, you're mind soaks up information like a sponge, so you learn a lot more than you would in your house. Ben Klasky then told a story about a young girl who he took out on a hiking trip and she was very shy and traumatized by an accident she had. However, when she was in the hiking trip she wasn't shy at all and she was a completely different girl, Ben believes that the outdoors can cure even mental illnesses too.

I recommend this article to whomever likes the outdoors because you can learn some really interesting things as well as people who don't like the outdoors as much because it could change your mind.

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