Sunday, December 14, 2014

How To Stay Warm When It's Cold Outside - Wes Siler

How To Stay Warm When It's Cold Outside - Wes Siler

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This article explores the fundamentals of staying warm in cold weather.

The article starts of by stating some examples of what not to wear. It informs the reader that regular clothes usually will not cut it in cold weather. It insists that covering up is extremely important to conserve body heat. It says that scarfs are a great way to stay warm because the neck has many blood vessels close to the surface so it is important to keep that area warm. It also addresses the common mistake of not covering up your legs. Many people will wear boots, wool socks, hats, scarfs, sweaters and jackets but will still be cold. This is because they will only have a pair a jeans or casual pants on. It also talks about how important layering is. It explains the purpose of the three layers and how they regulate your body temperature to make sure you stay comfortable. It also explains that layering is important for your hands and feet as well. Later in the article it says that sleeping bags are extremely important and that layering applies to that too. Having a tent is very nice because it traps that heat and keeps it around you. It ends by saying that as long as you stay dry and layer up, you should stay warm.

This article served as a more detailed look into layering and gear than we did in class. I feel like I have a more profound understanding of the importance of layering than I did prior to reading this article. For the upcoming event that we have, I think that this will help me keep warm and hopefully not get hypothermia outside and in the quinzees that we will be making. It has also given me ideas of gear that I should bring and the different materials that will help me stay warm, like wool. Considering that I had a basic understanding of how to keep warm, this article has very effectively expanded my knowledge of outdoor body heat conservation.


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