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Michael Pritchard: How to make filthy water drinkable

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This article is about a man named Michael Pritchard who felt for people who are forced to drink contaminated water or to die of thirst; whether its people in poor countries or places that have just experienced natural weather disasters(like tsunami, flood, hurricane). Watching people struggle on TV on a Christmas night, he decided to support those people. He invented the lifesaver bottles to filter filthy conditions of water. It doesn’t allow any type of bacteria to go through. To prove it, he fills water, with dirt, litter, sewage, and parts of a dirty pond into a fish tank. He fills the lifesaver bottle and pumps it a couple of times; the end result was fresh and filtered water. This bottle has an expiry date and can keep working for 6,000 liters. He even states that Britain spends 12 billion pounds to help millennium development, when they can actually spend 8 million to resolve the water problem for good. It costs 50 cents a day to run for supplying sterile water. The bottle costs around $180; it would be very affective for people who camp continuously and need a source of water.

Michael Pritchard has shown strong will to make a change in other people's lifestyles; he proves that if you have the will to perform a task you will succeed. Giving support for his country, he came up with this great idea to save money and to help people who don’t have sterile water to drink. Michael's goal is to influence people to start acting on and improving the world we live in. It just takes a bit of initiative. Finally, this invention is not only helpful for people in need of water, this also provides another procedure of filtering the water for outdoor campers and survivors, which relates to the outdoored course.

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