Tuesday, December 16, 2014

TED TALK by Lewis Pugh - Mind shifting Mt. Everest swim


By: Felicity Chamberlain

If you need help to motivate yourself and put your mind in the right attitude to accomplish something, watch this ted talk and you will surely see things differently.   

  This ted talk is about Lewis Pugh’s experience swimming in the North Pole and in a lake up on Mt. Everest. He tells us about his attitude and how he gets pumped up for these nerve racking challenges, but the real topic is attitude towards these opportunities. He says that there are different attitudes for different challenges and that he learned that the hard way. That people only use 5% of their real capability instead of 100%. We need to step it up like he did and live life with the right attitude and with the 100%.
This talk has made me think about really considering what kind of attitude I need for anything from camping to sky diving. I also need to really try before deeming something not doable.

Pugh’s, Lewis “Lewis Pugh’s mind shifting Mt. Everest swim” http://outdoormindedmag.com/5-of-the-best-ted-talks-lessons-from-the-outdoors/

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