Wednesday, December 17, 2014

TED talk
Why I’m rowing across the Pacific - Roz Savage
Some people want to help the environment, and others have the guts to do it. However, have you ever thought of traveling across the Pacific ocean by Rowboat?

Roz Savage is a woman from London who left her job and everyday life in order to spread awareness of the problems faced in the waters of the world, among other things. Roz recounts her adventures on her travels and explains the many things she had learned. After this TED talk, she is planning to go on the last stretch of her journey.

This TED talk showed me a person so willing to make a point that she was willing to cross the largest waters of the world. I have now witnessed a person with such determination to complete a task, she can't even wait to complete it. even though she mentally had the determination, she had to physically strong enough to go out and paddle this long distance. This TED talk has made me think I should take more time to complete the tasks i've set out to accomplish.

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Service for CW Outdoor Ed

I thought this would be a cool group that the outdoor ed classes could use.

From hiking to snowshoeing to xcountry skiing, the Ottawa Rambling Club has many members who meet regularly and decide on different excursions to take. however i do not know whether they have many spots open for more group members. however, this group seemed like a interesting program to look into.

It’s nice to see many programs and services providing help and awareness to outdoor enthusiasts. I will rethink my opinion on the complexity and care people have in the outdoor studies.

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