Tuesday, December 16, 2014

TED Talk

Why Bother Leaving the House
Ben Saunders

The only way to grow is to leave your comfort zone.

      In this motivating TED Talk, Ben Saunders begins by trying to answer the question of why one would go on an adventure or face adversity when it isn't necessary. While he admits that it doesn't have any scientific value, people like him go through hell and back to test themselves and conquer their (sometimes literal) Everest. Ben describes himself as someone who acts upon his dreams instead of procrastinating, and this led him to ski across the North Pole from Russia to Canada a few years back. His next mission is to make it to the South Pole and back by foot, something which has never been accomplished previously. Ben concludes his talk by motivating the audience to step outside for once, both from the city and their comfort zone.

      I chose this TED talk because it seemed fitting when I was sitting in front of the computer. This topic suits me particularity because I’m either really motivated to do something outside, or never want to see a ray of sunshine unless there’s a pane of glass between it and I. I think Ben is right about taking on challenges to test his limits, but people like to test themselves in different ways. I wouldn’t go on a winter trek or camping for anything more than the enjoyment because when I think testing my limits I only think how fast and dangerous I can make something. (Hence DH skiing and biking) I think in general anyone can benefit from a bit less time at the computer and a bit more outside- who knows, you might just like what you find.

Saunders, Ben. "Why Bother Leaving the House?" TED Talk. Web. 16 Dec. 2014. <https://www.ted.com/talks/ben_saunders_why_bother_leaving_the_house

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