Thursday, January 8, 2015

get hooked on nature: Ben Klasky ted talk Grace Eriksen-Mierau

get hooked on nature: Ben Klasky

ted talk assignment by Grace Eriksen-Mierau

This ted talk was a motivational one about our generation and how we should become more involved. Ben Klasky talks about nature is a bandaid to what we've done to the world, nature heals everything. At the beginning he spoke about how nature can heal anything and treated it like a medicine, any one can be fixed “side effects may include happy moods, better focus, tan, and more physical activity”, todays generation treats the outdoors like a bad thing and it needs to be changed. When Ben was in New York City he decided to take some kids on a trip, so he rented a small bus and took some elementary students on a trip outside of the city. what caught my attention is while boarding the bus there was a gunshot, his reaction was to get down but when he looked at the kids they didn't even flinch. while they were on the hiking trip the student would get scared everytime a stick would crack, they really have never seen nature. At the end of his talk he explained how its needed to kids to get outside not only for their physical health but also for mental health.

This ted talk hit home for me. My mother is constantly telling my brother to go outside when all he wants to do is play his video games. When i was younger my brother and i used to play outside all day and my parents wouldn't see us until supper. Technology is taking over minds including mine not going to lie, we need to teach more kids to go outside and experience what we have. for a child to get scared of a stick cracking and not a gunshot is terrifying and must be fixed.

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