Thursday, January 8, 2015

Get Hooked on Nature - Ben Klasky

**** very good

Get Hooked on Nature presented by Ben Kalsky, was a very informative, educational and witty TED talk. I really liked this video and I was impressed with all the information Ben Klasky was able to provide concerning the benefits of spending time surrounded by nature.

This TED talk focuses on the potential health and wellness benefits that nature can provide. Ben Klasky focuses on the potential impact nature can have on children and teenagers. Klasky starts by listing certain benefits that come from spending time outside such as the decrease of childhood obesity and heart disease. He then compares children, chickens, and prisoners in jail. Out of these three categories, it seems that children in North America spend the least amount of time outside. As a result of this shocking statistic, between the time period of 1970 and 2000, childhood obesity rates have tripled and the amount of children who have ADHD has also increased.  Ben Klasky also mentions how nature can be used as a mental remedy as well as a physical one. He gives an example of a young girl he knew who was able to overcome a very traumatic incident by spending more time in the outdoors and connecting with animals she would see. The presentation concludes as Klasky announces that in order to get children outside, their parents are going to have to use technology, therefore, he is in the midst of creating an app to help encourage children to spend time in nature.

This video was very well presented. Ben Klasky gave a very informative and witty presentation. This TED talk really opened my eyes to see the damaging effects technology can have on children. I see it everyday with myself and my little brother. There are so many opportunities to go outside that we waste because we are using our various devices. After learning about the numerous benefits of nature, it has made me want to make a conscious effort to spend more time in the outdoors. I learned that by spending more time outside, it can lower the risk for heart disease. This video inspired me to spend more time outdoors and also try to decrease the time I spend using my different technological devices. I have really gained a new appreciation for nature since I have taken Outdoor Education, and I hope to continue spending more time in the outdoors.

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