Thursday, January 8, 2015

Ted Talk (Article Assignment #5) How to Grow Fresh Air - Kamal Meattle

How to Grow Fresh Air - Kamal Meattle
By: Michael LeBlanc
Rating: ***

This TED Talk was incredible. The amount of research this man and his team have done is hard to believe. They have proven that this combination of three household plants does work to provide you with fresh air.

In this TED Talk, Kamal Meattle describes the process of growing fresh air in your house. Before getting into the details, he explains why this idea came to his head. He talks about how his lungs were losing their capacity for air due to the pollution in India. His doctor told him that his lung capacity would only get worse, so he set out to make a better environment for himself whilst remaining in India. After that, he goes over the names of the three plants and the ideal number for producing fresh air. Each plant has a specific job, all three of them remove toxins from the air, two of them remove the big one - C02. What I found interesting about these particular plants are that one of them works in the day, and one works by your bedside in the night. He then goes on to state that if you were trapped in a closed bottle with these three plants, you would not die from lack of oxygen. Following the explanation of the plants, Meattle talks about his building in which him and his team have been doing their research for over fifteen years. He claims the building has an area of fifty thousand feet and the building itself is around twenty years old. In this building they have approximately twelve hundred plants for around three hundred people. After that he goes into depth about the building and how it has been named the cleanest building in India (2009). According to their studies, these plants raise a person’s blood oxygen level for 1% every ten hours spent in the building. Compared to other buildings in india there is a reduction in eye irritation, respiratory issues, headaches, lung impairment, and asthma. He then closes out by saying the plants heighten human productivity by 20% and they reduce energy use by 15%. I don’t know about you, but I would love to live in this building!

This TED Talk has opened my eyes to how much of a difference fresh air makes. I knew that it was beneficial to your health, but I never knew that it had an effect of your productivity. It has made me think about how much better off we would be if we were to install these plants into our houses, not just in health, but in other aspects as well. From this talk, I have learned that you can grow fresh air in your house! Also I have learned the simple details and facts about the process. This TED talk has inspired me to tell my friends and family about these plants and it has inspired me to look deeper into this particular topic and maybe, try it out at home. I hope this talk gets more recognition and the only reason it is a three star rating instead of a four star rating is because of the sound quality and Kamal Meattle’s presentation of the subject.


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