Thursday, January 8, 2015

Why bother leaving the house - Ben Saunders

Why bother leaving the house - Ben Saunders

Felix Shier
January 9th 2015

Rating: ***

    This ted talk was about why people get out of the house, and why those who don't, should. He explains why going outside is about the adventure and how as the world progresses, people feel less obligated to go outside.

    In this ted talk, Ben Saunders, an explorer, explains why people go outside, climb mountains, and explore. The video starts by asking the question; “Why bother leaving the house?” If everything has either been done before, or can be done online, why bother going outside? His first example is an explorer from the1920’s who may or may not have been the first person to climb Mount Everest. The example is a quote that he may have said to the question, why climb Mount Everest? And his answer was; “Because it’s there” in which he’s trying to say that he finds joy in what he does and in going outside. He then goes on to explain that in his own experience he did not necessarily find joy in his explorations, but enjoyed the uniqueness in what he saw and that since in the polar explorations that he did, the scenery would always be changing and he would be the only person ever to see exactly what he saw. His last points are that he finds dangerous explorations addictive in a way that does not know how to explain, and that part of the enjoyment of his explorations are the challenges that await and completing something new that has never been done before.

            This Ted Talk really made me think about how much there is left undiscovered in the world and how these days people can do most things without even going outside. It also reminded me of the amazing things that human beings are capable of when they get out there. I learned from this video about how the things that are the most enjoyable in life are the unique moments and challenges that either no one will ever see, or you will be the first one to do. This Ted Talk has inspired me to do more in life and not just spend my days sitting around watching others achieve great things, I want to be one of those people that other people watch while sitting down in their house with a bag of chips. This Ted Talk will make me change in a way that I will take more risks and appreciate the moment’s outdoors in life and actually do things instead of staying indoors.

            In conclusion, this was a very interesting Ted Talk and it brought a lot of things to my mind like how many things can be accomplished while sitting in a house, but it’s the moments outside that will make you appreciate life.       

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