Thursday, February 19, 2015

Three High-Energy Bannock Recipes

        The Article written by Allen Macartney shows, and has the recipes for three deliciously sounding bannocks. Red river bannock, Maple-blueberry bannock, and Cheesy cranberry-raisin bannock. The article shows the steps in making the bannock properly, and all the ingredients needed. The author also states that  bannock is a Canadian tradition, and full of nutrition." It's hard to imagine a more traditional Canadian wilderness snack (or meal) that packs such a nutritious punch when you need the calories".
        I enjoyed reading the article, for a couple of reasons one being I can now try new things, and have a new camping snack especially in Canadian winters, because the bannock is usually still warm from when you cooked it or if you have your own cooking pan than freshly baked bannock on a chilly morning. The article gives lots of insight the techniques to cooking bannock, and how to get best results. The bannock recipe I want to attempt to make is the Maple-blueberry bannock, because well where can you go wrong with maple and blueberry's. The article was a interesting thing to read.
      Overall the author did a good job describing what to look for when cooking your bannock, and how to tell if it's finished cooking.

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