Sunday, March 1, 2015

By Kaitlyn Sass

White water rafting in New Zealand

Rafting in NZ-Destination Great Lake Taupo

Rating: ****

      White water rafting is one of the most thrilling yet dangerous sports to be invented. People enjoy getting the experience of riding some of the most daring rivers across the world, and in my first article the chosen place is New Zealand. People from all over the globe come to New Zealand just for its rivers, and the lady writing this article did not realize what she was missing out on until she went into the shoes of a white water rafter.

  This article focuses on the river Tongariro in NZ, its rated a level 3 on the scale of 1-5. The scale is ratings of how hard and thrilling the river is, a level 1 would be more for families, and a level five is for the all out adrenaline junkies. The lady speaks about her experience, she explaines that she never really was into anything like this except when she tried it for the first time she fell in love. I believe New Zealand is so popular as their wildlife is so vastly different than any other countries, people want to see a change of scenery and personally they seem to be getting the whole package. The thrill of putting all of your trust in other people and to just live is amazing and I think you'd totally fulfill that wish and more in doing so.

This article proved to me that we still can have fun without technology. In a world evolving into something based on technology I find it so important to get out and just live, this article makes me want to go white water rafting. I think the reason this article has such an influence on me is because I can relate to it, the lady said she never really tried white water rafting and in all honesty I think I'd fall in love with it aswell. Thi artivle taught me that if you just go with the flow and trust in your teammates everything will work in the end.

White water rafting:

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