Friday, March 13, 2015

Headed For Nowhere -- Matt Mosteller

Rating: ****

Headed For Nowhere is a short article about an unplanned adventure-trek through Tweedsmuir Provincial Park.  If one is interested in hearing about stories and experiences like such; or, are possibly even researching others’ travels to prepare for a trip of their own, then this kind of article is a great one to read.  It reflects on the experiences the people featured in the article went through - whether they be positive thoughts, mishaps, or examples of ways that planning could have been improved upon,

“Travel over wild, trail-less terrain is grueling, but the pain is always overshadowed by countless special moments, from sunsets, to views of bathing wildlife, to joy-fuelled skipping bouts in flower-filled meadows, as we move from valley to-to-ridge [...]”
- Matt Mosteller
This short piece about Matt and his friend touches on an amazing off-the-trail journey that they experienced together.  Matt and his friend were ready to leave for a big trip and realized they had nowhere to go; no plans ready whatsoever.  So they made the in the moment decision to catch a small plane and head to the wilderness of British Columbia that is Tweedsmuir Provincial Park.  They wanted a remote adventure and they got it - all they had were drop off and pick up points, the gear on their backs, and a map.  They trekked through the wilds, exploring the park all the while, and got by with some honed fly fishing techniques and a lot of stories.

In looking through the edition of explore that I found this in I read all kinds of interesting articles, but this one jumped out at me because it seems to be exactly the sort of thing I hope to be doing soon myself.  I’ll admit I didn’t take much away from it - aside from the knowledge that, being vegetarian, I’d probably have to do a bit more food prep since I couldn’t go do fly fishing to get by - but the recounting truly intrigued me.  Stories like this one speak to me on a personal level because as I encroach closer and closer to the end of highschool, my dreams of following up on doing things like this myself seem to be becoming more and more real.  This article from Matt Mosteller, like many similar to it, reminds me of my passions and makes me intense and eager in anticipation at the thought of pursuing them.

Mosteller, M. “Headed For Nowhere”.  Explore Magazine (pp. 42-43).  Fall 2013. Print. Recovered: March 12, 2015.

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