Friday, March 27, 2015

Paddling Safety Tips

Paddling tips for Spring Kayak and Canoeing

Spring Paddling Safety Tips - Explore Magazine

Rating - ***
As the temperature warms up, it's time to preparing for upcoming trips, but you can never be too safe when it comes to high, rapid, spring waters.

In the article,  the author provides many key safety tips for you to follow in the  wilderness on all your spring endeavors. You may be eager to get out into the water as soon as possible after the cold winter, but it's always important to stay safe. This article summarizes some key tips on spring safety, including the equipment you should bring, contacting people beforehand just in case you don't return, or even some skills you may need to touch up upon before your next spring outing. Although this article has some key information, it didn't have that much of it, leaving a few other common spring kayaking and canoeing tips out of it. A small but all the same important read.

This article really gave me some key insights for my trips in the spring. It taught me some key tips and precautions I should definitely take on my next outing, some of them being a cellular device, proper safety equipment, and another person. You never know when you might need a helping hand. This article has also reminded me of not only the tips, but of past experiences, where some of this information could have been used. This article has showed me some of the dangers of spring water sports, and that you should always inspect your equipment before going out, Always. This article brings out some of the precautions you may have stopped taking, but should definitely start doing again. Safety comes first.

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