Thursday, March 12, 2015

Wilderness Cooking

ODE Resource

After being on plentiful of wilderness trips and plan to go on many more, I thought it would be a great idea to actually go into detail when planning a meal (taste, nutrition, simplicity). The plain old repetitive noodles can get boring sometimes so why not spice it up a little bit, literally, and change a simple meal into a meal “Gordon Ramsay” style with only a few more ingredients.
As previously stated, I want to switch up the meals and get a little variation in food. I came across this site which is a simple easy to use site with great info and simple changes in meals that can make it seem like you're back in the comfort of home. Not only does the site have it’s own descriptions and categories (cookbooks, articles, menu plan, reviews, resources, etc.) but there are also links within these categories that bring you to pages with even more detail on the subject you are interested in. The reviews that are posted on the website are extremely helpful when it comes to reality because you can learn more simply if it actually works based off others that attempted it.
I highly recommend this site to anyone going on an outdoor trip. Not only will it benefit you but the rest of the crew on the trip as well. Go explore the site and learn simple techniques with minimal items and create something brag worthy to the others about the wonderful meals you’ve made!

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