Monday, March 2, 2015

Youngest person to ski to the north pole
Author: Ben Saunders

It was Excellent ****

The ted talks was about the youngest man to ski to the North pole. Besides being the youngest to do it he did it by himself. He talked about before he did it he tried to do it with another person but they did not succeed. He talked about the different things he did. He had a specially designed wetsuit for if he fell through the ice or had to swim and he  had to drag 95 days worth of food and supplies in two sleds which he could not always carry both at the same time due to hills. When he was finished he had to find a large flat area for the plane to land and pick him up, the only one he found was just a bit to short and the plane nearly did not land safely. He was not able to cross all the way from Russia to Canada but he was still the first to get to the North pole by himself.  He explained that he did it because he wanted to test the human limits, the limits of technology, and his limits. He also plans on travelling to the south pole to be the first to do so 93 years.

Ben Saunders story made me think about what I could do with my life if I tried my hardest. I might just be able to do something amazing if I worked really hard. The human limit is very difficult to find as we can do so many if we try, we could do almost anything if we put our minds to it and we might never find our limit for a long time. After listening to this TED talk it made me feel like I should work harder and try harder in many activities. I really enjoyed this TED talk.

By Richard Vander Pluym