Friday, April 17, 2015

10 Unwritten Camping Rules to Remember

By Jessica Sanders

Rating: ***

Camping is a chance to get away from it all, but in most cases you are still surrounded by other people and all those people are looking forward to having a good time on their vacation as well. To make sure that the other people have a great time just like you, make you follow the 10 unwritten camping rules.

You should clean up your campsite so it looked like you weren’t even there and always make sure your campfire is completely out.  Also, if you bring your pets, you should clean up after them so the other campers who come next don’t half to pick up after your animal.  You should not wash your dishes in the sink of the bathroom because people clean their face and hands in it.  You shouldn’t walk across the campsites of your neighbors unless you know them and you should always respect quiet hour for the other campsites. In addition, you should use a lowlight when it’s dark out so you don’t wake up the neighbors with the bright light.  You can also go above and beyond by leaving some dry fire wood for the next campers and put everything back to the same way that it was when you first arrived at the site.  It should look exactly like it did before you started to camp there.

This article is very effective because it tells me what not to do when you go camping in the woods and is very helpful in getting me ready for our upcoming hiking trip.  The article made me think about how we can make sure that the campsite is the same when we left it for the next campers so that they can have a good experience as well.  I also learned that people can go above and beyond the standard and leave the campsite in an even better condition for the next campers.  This can help them have an even more enjoyable camping experience. The article was very interesting and provided a lot of good advice for every camper.

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