Monday, April 6, 2015

Article 2 Hiking Risk Management

                           Risk Management Applied to Hiking         

Article by: Don f. Jones Jr.
Response by : Connor Roy
Rating: *****

       In this article titled Risk management Applied to Hiking, the author gives a great in depth and detailed break down of how to be an excellent risk manager. This is very helpful For a fairly new outdoor ed student like me who knows little to nothing about hiking and it's risks. 

      The author, Don F. Jones Jr., breaks down the 8 major risks that he feels are the most prevalent while hiking. he talks about how life is full of risks and while not all are major you should still know how to calculate and avoid these risks. He says to avoid any and all emergencies and to help other hikers who may be less experienced and could use helpful advice and pointers. Another point he mentioned that i thought was a key tip was at the end of the article and that was that sometimes people perceive a risk differently than you and this could be fatal because less experienced hikers may not realise that they are dying of dehydration or hypothermia, and also may avoid necessary choices that would eliminate risk because they perceive the threat of bears to be imminent when they could be in hibernation.     

     This article tought me more about the risks of hiking than i had learned in all my 17 years of being on this planet. So i definitely learned to ask for help and to assess risks to avoid emergency and not to compensate for an emergency.    

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