Thursday, April 2, 2015

Get hooked on nature- Ben Klasky by Kaileyks (Tedtalk)

Get hooked on nature: Ben Klasky at TEDxRainier

Rating: ****

Get hooked on nature informs people on the benefits of going outside and being active.

Get hooked on nature informs those on the benefits of being outside for your mental and physical state. For an example, being active lowers your obesity rate, more positive moods, lowers anxiety, stress and depression. This is especially important for children because in the video it states kids get the least amount of time outside. 30% of children in the US get less than 15 minutes of outdoor recess! Resulting in having a huge impact on children today causing increase of obesity rates by 3x and Ritalin 40x. Concluding, an individual does not have to be outside playing sports but embracing nature itself at a park.


This video has opened up my eyes on the benefits on going outdoors and seeing nature first hand. The video caught my attention by how alarming the statics are about the consequences of not having the necessary time outside. When Ben said the story about Juan and his accomplishments by being inspired by nature caused me to look back and wonder would I still be the same person I am today.  This video inspired me to make sure every day I get the proper amount of time outdoors to increase my mental and physical state.

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