Wednesday, May 6, 2015

In Early Spring Leave The Woods To The Animals

In Early Spring Leave The Woods To The Animals - Allen Macartney

Rating: *****

In Early Spring Leave The Woods To The Animals is about a “never do” rule which is never to go hiking in early spring. This article, though it is very short, it is alluring and captivating to the eye. Allen Macartney is a well-known magazine editor and photographer who has had his work put onto greeting cards, calendars, books, magazines and posters. This article seems like a great literature that many would enjoy reading!

The article is about hikers travelling in any seasons except spring instead of taking unnecessary risks by roaming in early spring.This article depicts that many animals have barely survived winter and may be crazed by the time early spring comes  around, whether they're looking for their next meal or protecting their young. This time year around, hikers could interfere with a predators hunt for food. Macartney explains that nature is gentle and beautiful, but that it is also harsh and unforgiving. Bears after hibernation are very hungry, grumpy and very protective of their cubs; so if a traveller still prefers to hike during the early spring they would have to be prepared and bring some protection. For starters, stick to well travelled trails, carry a whistle or bear spray, be precautious of your surroundings and watch for vivid signals of wild life.

This article is one of the most interesting articles I have read yet. Allen Macartney seems to be a very well convincing and imaginative writer. Macartney made me think that if I was to encounter a bear or wolf in the early spring, I would be in more unnecessary danger than if I travel in the other seasons such as summer, fall, or winter. I learned that you should not hike in the early spring because of the bears and the wildlife that searching for prey, protecting their young, and struggling for survival. It has inspired me to take risks, but be very careful of the unnecessary danger I might be in. Possibilities could be when I am hiking, being active in the wildlife or in my own personal life, and whatever else I may be doing, that there is always an unnecessary consequence that may follow.


Macartney. Allen. “IN EARLY SPRING, LEAVE THE WOODS TO THE ANIMAL”. Let them recover from winter hunger. Spring Issue. Ottawa Outdoors. Ottawa: Newspaper. 2015. Print

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