Wednesday, May 27, 2015

In Early Spring, Leave the Woods to the Animals- Allen Macartney

Rating *** In this article, Allen Macartney explains why hiking in the spring is an extremely dangerous idea. In Early Spring, Leave the Woods to the Animals , describes several reasons why hiking in the spring may be a horrible idea. As animals such as bears come recently out from hibernation, they are most likely hungry and grumpy. You would never want to run into a hungry, mentally ill coyote. As they are too dangerous to risk, wilderness hikes in the Spring, Allen Macartney proposes ideas to make sure you to stay safe while hiking in the spring. Sticking to a common trail where animals are familiar with humans being present, always carrying bear spray and whistle, watching out for animal spottings(tracks, droppings) and never stick around if you encounter one of these animals. I really enjoyed this article because I learnt something new about the risks being taken on a spring hike. I probably would never have associated spring time hiking to many hungry, angry, wild animals that have hardly survived the winter without reading this article. I highly recommend this article to anyone who considered it to be a good to go hiking on their own in the spring on uncommon trails. Macartney, Allen. "OttawaOutdoors-Spring2015." Issuu. Web. 27 May 2015.

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