Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Preparations to go hiking Article #4

Article #4

Get ready for a hike

Rating: ****

I decided to read an article online about how to prepare for a hiking trip since we just returned from our trip to frontenac. This article was really interesting and made me want to keep reading by making connections to what I felt when I went hiking. After catching my attention it went on to inform me about things that I never really considered. The article informed me about physical requirements that must be met to go on a large hiking trip, and it even offered a training regimen if I wanted to prepare my body for longer hikes. The article also put forward some valuable tips and things I want to take into consideration before and while i'm hiking. For example, I was told to do a self evaluation, and to go to a doctor if I haven’t been active in a while to make sure that I’m ready to take on hiking. What I also really like about the article was that it provided links to other pages where I could learn about the other aspects of hiking, like packing your bag for hiking and other skills needed, like making a fire, using a compass and how to filter water.

in conclusion, I found the article very informative and interesting. I could relate to what the author was saying and I learned things that I could use to improve my experience the next time I go hiking.

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