Saturday, May 30, 2015

Ted Talk

Why Environmental and Outdoor Education Matters - Maggie Gaddis
By : Sophia Li

In this video, it gives us reasonable explanations as to why we should let youth be introduced and be exposed to such a wonderful things such as the outdoors. Youth in my generation, is not exposed to nature but more exposed to technology because in our generation, new generations of phones, ipods, ipads, and laptops are coming out, all youth care about is the technology and not about the nature that keeps us breathing and going every single day. It gives us, human beings, a place to live and to survive on, we should appreciate what is around us more than what is given to us.
Maggie Gaddis gives an amazing appreciation after only three days in the forest, hiking through trails that are surrounded by so much beauty that world has to offer. She brings her three year old daughter hiking all the time now and because she’s always outside exploring the world with her mom, she’s smart and happy all the time and Maggie thinks that going outside helps that a lot. Maggie, herself has a healthier lifestyle, a great attitude and is happy all the time.

This article has given me a great perspective on how I should view my life while I’m still young, to appreciate what I already have around me and not be surrounded by things that will eventually break or ruin or distract from my priorities in life. Outdoor education matters because in our lives, we are given so much but instead of caring for it, or for protecting it, we destroy and I think that something like that should be stopped. Going outdoors for a trip or just for fun is something that a lot of people should, especially if you’re still young. It benefit you in a million ways, in ways that could be life changing for some or maybe an eye opener for those who want to lead a healthy lifestyle.


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