Sunday, June 7, 2015

Bad attitude can kill you Article #3

Bad Attitude can kill you
Author: Allen Macartney


    This article talked about a man named Richard Planicos who decided to go on a 3 month solo canoe trip in Alberta’s backcountry. He went very unprepared with no planning and he was far too confident in his abilities. After dumping his canoe, losing most of his supplies and then having his canoe destroyed be a bear, he was rescued and found barely alive. There were two natives who heard about this story and they were totally astonished about what happened because even they, who are outdoor experts, never go out alone. This article then goes on to talk about how you should always have a plan for the worst possibilities.

This article has affected me in a very positive way because I now know not to go out in the wilderness alone and to always alert people of where you are. Furthermore, this article has taught me to never go out on your own in the wilderness because nobody will be there to help you if you need it, and rescuers won’t know where to find you. It also taught me to always have a plan in place in case things go wrong. You need people to know exactly where you will be at certain times. Finally this article taught me to always bring extra supplies in case things go wrong, because you can never predict what  will happen in nature, if your canoe will flip or if a bear attacks your camp, you must always have a backup plan. This article has inspired me to take outdoor adventures but to always have plans, and to never go out alone.

 I think this article is a must read because it is filled with action and suspense, and a very important and potentially life saving message, don’t go into the wilderness alone.

Macartney, Allen. 'Bad Attitude Can Kill You'. Ottawa Outdoors 2015: 1. Print.  

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