Friday, June 5, 2015

Get hooked on nature

Ted Talk: Get Hooked On Nature

By: Ben Klasky

Rating: ***** 

This Ted talk was great! Ben Klasky kept my attention the entire time. He talks about how kids don't spend enough outdoors. He also talks about the pros of spending more time outside like exercise and the health benefits.  Klasky talks about a program he is involved with that takes city kids into woods and take them camping for a week. he tells some stores about the kids this program has affected and how it changes there lives. He also talks about his friends experience and his own experience with his kids.

Ben Klasky gives some ideas to help get your kids out of your house. He talks about this new concept called Geocaching. Geocaching is when people place objects for you to find. You can also use different apps to help get your kids outside.    In conclusion Ben Klasky has interesting ideas on how to get your kids  hooked on nature. 

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