Friday, June 5, 2015

June 5, 2015

Bryan March:  Backpacking the Bruce Trail


Storm Haven in Bruce Peninsula National Park



Rating:  ****


I found this article to be very helpful and extremely informative.  The article provides an in-depth description of the many dangerous situations that a hiker may face when backpacking the Bruce Trail.  The author even suggests safe routes that you may want to take.

In this article, Bryan March provides both safety-related pointers and suggested scenery-related hints.  For example, he notes that hikers should watch out for the Massasauga, a venomous rattlesnake that inhabits the area.  Also, there are bears present, so you must hang your food.  He also notes that the hike between Storm Haven and Cyprus Lake is dangerous due to the uneven terrain and can result in a broken ankle especially when wet.  To maximize the spectacular scenery, Bryan March recommends traveling an extra kilometer to the Natural Arch and Grotto near Indian Head Cove.  He notes that you will have to back track to Cyprus but says that it is well worth the extra hiking. 

I have a personal connection to the Bruce Trail as my Uncle Ken, who passed away last summer, hiked the entire trail.  After his passing, he asked for donations in his memory to be made to the Bruce Trail.  As well, my Aunt and Uncle who live in Orangeville, have a portion of the trail passing through their property. 

I enjoyed this article as not only was it informative and a well-written article, but it assisted me with finding information for my summative.  I would recommend this article to anyone is considering hiking the Bruce Trail.


Outdoor Adventure Canada, Bryan March.  Backpacking 2012.
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